MR46 suddenly going down

Comes here often

MR46 suddenly going down

Dear all,


I'm facing an issue with my Meraki MR46 access points. All of a sudden, the APs go down randomly - each time a different time.


The AP remains down and disconnected from the cloud and then goes back up after several hours!

I always have to do cycle port on the switch in order for the AP to go online again.


Anyone passed by this issue before and found a solution for it ?

Comes here often

Is it confirmed that it's a firmware issue ?

Is there any official announcement from Cisco Meraki for this ?

Kind of a big deal

Meraki haven't issued any official information on it and it impacts the latest firmware version.

My advice would be to open a support case, follow the thread @ww linked and if it's causing too many problems for you, downgrade below 28.6 where most users started reporting the issue.

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I experience the same behaviour with MR56 running 28.6. Two AP's connected to different switch models, the same behaviour, however, it does not happen too often. It could be once per week or more rare. 

Did not dig further what exactly happens, but looking at the other thread, makes me want to dig dipper next time when it happens.

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