MR32s dropping like flies

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MR32s dropping like flies

I know seeing MR32 in a 2022 post is probably giving "eek" vibes.  I have been in the process of upgrading our WAPs to MR46s, but we have a ton of MR32s still in production.  


Has anyone experienced the WAP online, showing that traffic is passing, but there are no clients associated.  After a reboot, clients are able to associate, but it lasts a few days before it starts doing it again.  


Is it just something I need to plead with upper management to get more MR46s ordered, or has anyone found a solution for this issue?  

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I found that those MR32 won't play nice with newer firmware, I think MR32 can only install 26.9 as the highest version. Did you try moving the APs to an older firmware like 25.13 or 25.14?

Thank you for the response.  I am going to give that a try.  We have a mix of MR32s, MR42s, and now MR46s (around 220 total).  I have been pleading for a WAP refresh for 2 years now! 😬

yes, MR32 model is pretty old. If you have a Mixed network, call support and they can help you only downgrade the MR32s and let the other APs use the newer firmware.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We run multiple mixed networks and haven't seen this behaviour 🤞.  The 20x MR32s and 22x MR34s that we have run 26.8.3 alongside the newer models 28.6.  We do try to locate the MR32s in quieter areas though.  How many client would your MR32s typically have at once?

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Can confirm that MR32s are kinda bad now. It was so bad that I delegated them only for Guest access. I'd probably try downgrading them but we're in the process of replacing them with MR44s

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We have got MR32 too, they are running well with firmware MR26.8.3

The only thing is: the LED light is fading out by time.

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Did you ever find a solution for this? Did an older firmware resolve this? We are having the same issue. We are behind on getting replacements. I could be riding some of these right up until the final deadline. So far we have been able to fix it with a reboot. The problem comes back within a month or so. These are our daily drivers still. Our user load ramped up in May for summer. We have a few MR 34's and MR 33's but they haven't had the issue.

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I am fully expecting Meraki to 100% support MR32's until at least they are End Of Support in Jul 2024.  My estate consists of over 300 MR32's currently working quite happily.  That's what we pay our annual license/maintenance charge for

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We have some MR32 but no issues. Except of the fading blue LED light.

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