MR18 + RADIUS = Exposed Network

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MR18 + RADIUS = Exposed Network

Hi guys,


I have stumbled upon a problem where whilst you are using Meraki MR18 with Identity PSK with RADIUS setting, the SSID is showing as unsecured network and allows any device to connect without authentication. 


There are no attempts showing on the RADIUS server itself as if the AP never connects to RADIUS server.


I have checked all firewalls etc and that's not a problem as it works perfectly fine when you swap out MR18 with MR33. 


I have mirrored the AP point and ran packet captures - when any device is connected to the SSID on MR18 there are no connections between the AP and RADIUS. However when I run tests from Dashboard which then runs MAC address through the AP to the RADIUS I can see AP connecting to the RADIUS server then.


Has anyone had any similar issues? I have raised the issue with Meraki support however it's been few weeks without any joy!


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