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MR18 AP Unreachable

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MR18 AP Unreachable

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help as I'm not an expert on this....


We have two MR18 APs, on of which has gone offline and I'm not sure why.


They both run the same SSIDs and are configured the same, we have the latest firmware update but one isn't working.


When I first checked the dashboard, it said it was offline due to a NAT or firewall conflict? (I think-it has now changed to just say it's been offline for an hour).


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do or way I can fix it?


Thanks in advance, Terry.

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

Try power cycling it.


Try patching it directly into the PoE switch with a different patch lead to eliminate the cabling.


Try patching it into a different port on the switch.

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

maybe the wrong VLAN on the connected port, allowed VLANs on trunk ports correctly configured?

I need to configure trunk for the accesspoints (accesspoints decides client to use the the right VLAN by asking Cisco ISE), and no VLAN entering in the IP config for the accesspoint. Accesspoint needs a fixed IP-adress when working with Cisco ISE as radius-server.


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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

Thanks guys, 


Unfortunately your knowledge base is quite a bit more advanced than mine!


I've changed the cabling so it's not that and tried a different ethernet port so it's not that either.

I don't know what a power cycle is!


We have another AP that's working perfectly, when I look at the configuration, the settings for both are the same except the IP (provided by the DHCP) is different.


Could that be it? If the problem is that I need to set up a static IP, wouldn't I have the same issue with the other AP? 

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

Hi @GHSTAFF2017,

Power cycling is a technical way of saying "resetting" it. When you power cycle a device, you turn it off and then turn it back on again.

If you were to set the IP static, just make sure it's something not in use on your network.

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

Ha! Ha! I guess I've tried that then!


Is strange but, when I block all the SSIDs from the other (WORKING) AP, this (faulty) one works intermittently. 


Is it possible there's some sort of conflict between the two?


When I check the AP on the dashboard, it says the configuration is wrong but I don't know how to change this. 


The IP is being set by DHCP. If I were to assign a static IP, I'm not sure what I'd put in the required fields such as VLAN etc.


Yup, I really am that much of a noob! 

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable



I didn't really understand what you were saying there, could you elaborate a bit please?


Thanks, Terry.

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

VPN connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a timely manner.

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Re: MR18 AP Unreachable

Your first step is to find out some basic information on your network. Go to Security Appliance > Configure > Addressing & VLANs in the Meraki dashboard. Here you will find the VLAN ID for any VLAN you have on your network, as well as the MX IP for the VLAN. In most cases, this MX IP is the Default Gateway for the VLAN. You will also see a /XX number after the network IP (i.e Use this table here to find out what the Netmask is for your specific VLAN.


Next, navigate to Security Appliance > Configure > DHCP. Here you can see the DNS nameservers used for the VLANs.


With all this information, go to the AP you are trying to assign a static IP to.

  1. Click on the Pencil next to the LAN IP
  2. Change the Type to Static IP
  3. For the IP, assign it an IP that is in your network. If you are unsure of what is an available IP, try doing an IP scan of your network
  4. For VLAN, write in the VLAN ID of the network. You found this information out earlier
  5. For Subnet mask, use the chart I posted earlier and change that /XX number to the appropriate netmask from the chart
  6. The Gateway is the MX IP of the VLAN
  7. Primary DNS/Secondary DNS was found when you looked at DHCP.




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