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Layer 3 Roaming?

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Layer 3 Roaming?



I"m working on a wireless project that requires layer 3 roaming.   Based on the documentation the AP can create a tunnel between the 2 AP's so that the roaming is seamless or a MX concentrator can be used.  Does anyone know if tunneling between the 2 AP will suffice or it's better with a MX concentrator?  Lastly, has anyone deployed either solution.  If so, any issues with either one?



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Re: Layer 3 Roaming?

The MX concentrator is normally used when the AP's are at different sites (so the APs would normally have no connectivity between themselves).  Imagine the case of giving employees APs to take home to allow them to connect to the corporate network more easily.


You normally use the AP only based layer 3 roaming solution within a single site (potentially many buildings) and the APs can talk to each other.

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