Laptop can't connect to Meraki AP

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Laptop can't connect to Meraki AP


i have encountered this problem last week until now we can't resolve it.

We have multiple SSIDs in the office in the same network, but my laptop can't connect to specific SSID. What do you think the problem and how can we solve it.


Thank you so much for your response. Hope you can help me

Kind of a big deal

MAC address restriction?

Wrong PSK?


Do you fail to connect, or do you connect and then fail to access anything?


What kind of config does the SSID use?

I can connect but no internet access.

What do you mean by config of SSID used?


If you are associated to any SSID on the Meraki access point, open a browser and go to and that should bring up the local status page on the access point.  That page will confirm if the access point itself has Internet connectivity and is online in the Meraki Dashboard.  When @PhilipDAth was mentioning the config of the SSID, go in the Meraki Dashboard (from some other machine that does have Internet access) and go to the Wireless > Access Points page and see if the AP is even online in the Meraki Dashboard.  That's the first step.  If it is online, then go to Wireless > SSIDs and confirm the SSID you are trying to connect to is there, and is enabled, and you will ee a summary of the other configuration parameters.  From there you can click into the settings link and configure the PSK or confirm any other parameters to see that the SSID is configured correctly.

The Meraki AP is working fine,it is also online in the dashboard. My cellphone and other devices can connect and access internet ,only my laptop can't access internet. My laptop can connect to other SSID in the same AP, but not to one specific SSID.
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Does your wifi card have requirements that your SSID is not providing?


20/40/80MHz, etc?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Make sure you have the latest drivers, especially if it is an Intel wireless card and a WiFi6 AP.

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