LACP MR52 and HP

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LACP MR52 and HP

Hi all,


We have several different Meraki APs including MR52s. Our MR52s were all connected with two cables in an LACP aggregation to HP 3800 switches. Last week over one night, all LACP trunks failed to the APs on all switches to all MR52s. The same thing happened to all of our MR52s at our other site a few days later.

I have had to disable the second port on all of these APs because even though STP disables one of the ports, I get an error saying the AP has trouble connecting to the Meraki cloud. Whatever I do, I cannot bring the trunk back up. The switch error is Not receiving any LACP BPDUs on port x/xx,bringing down port.

I'm presuming it's a a Meraki issue as it affected all our switches in the same evening, auto firmware updates are off so not sure what could have happened. Any ideas?



Kind of a big deal

The AP's probably have stopped sending LACPDU's to the switch.  Maybe if you reboot AP it will work again.


If you need to confirm the AP is sending LACPDU's you'll need to capture them from the switch.

The AP packet capture on the wired interface only shows the LACPDU's coming from the switch.

You'll need to confirm they are both sending them.


The destination MAC address for LACPDU's is 01:80:c2:00:00:02 so the ether host 01:80:c2:00:00:02 for the capture.


The actor ports of the AP will be labeled 1 and 2.

The switch in case of a stack will probably have higher numbers.

Comes here often

Hi, I have rebooted the APs, I have even upgraded the firmware from 25.13 to 26.8.1 at one of the locations.


The only other changes on the network were that we swapped out the Fortigate firewalls at each location for newer models and the gateway and DHCP for the Meraki management VLAN is on theses devices (The swap was about 2 days before one site was affected and around 6 hours before the other site) but not sure how this could affect them.


I'll see if I can get some port mirroring set up on the switch to see if I can see the LACPDUs - difficult to get on site at the moment though.


Thanks for your response!

Kind of a big deal

Try checking Organisation/Firmware Updates and see if a firmware update was deployed.

No firmware deployed, but I have tried updating one site since - 25.13 to 26.8.1

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