Is it possible to allow only authorised MAC Addresses onto a SSID

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Is it possible to allow only authorised MAC Addresses onto a SSID


Can anyone please advise, I wish to allow only authorised devices (MAC Addresses) onto a particular SSID. I can see if you go to the clients list (Network-Wide > Clients), find the device and click on it you can change the policy. Set the access to your ssid to blocked and so on. 

I wish to find out is there a way around this by stopping the device joining an SSID in the first place without having to manually block them.

Thank you

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Option located under Wireless/access control.  You need a RADIUS server to make it work.  But doc mentions a workaround using a splashpage.


Kind of a big deal

You could use iPSK, where every device gets a unique key.  Only create keys for devices that you want to attach.  Anything without a key won't be able to attach. 

Kind of a big deal

If these are "user" devices, you could also consider using WPA2-Enterprise mode with Meraki Authentication.  With this, you create usernames/passwords for everyone who is allowed to connect. 

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