How to load a splashLogo using API?

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How to load a splashLogo using API?

I tried to load a splashLogo from my script using meraki API with the following payload.


payld_splash = {
'splashMethod': 'Click-through splash page',
'redirectUrl': '',
'useRedirectUrl': True,
'blockAllTrafficBeforeSignOn': True,
'welcomeMessage': 'Welcome!',
'splashLogo': {
'md5': 'a30547c2a0807efb33e5e9ce53ff2ce0',
'extension': 'png'


But I got error


{'errors': ["'splashLogo' must be an object"]}


I tried to enter a full url of the photo but still got  the same error

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@yunhua : Check for Splash APIs on below link


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I did not find the splash API in the link provided but I followed the example in the!get-network-wireless-ssid-splash-settings


But got the error reported

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