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Hotspot 2.0 on MR33


Hotspot 2.0 on MR33


We were looking to test the Hotspot 2.0 functionality of meraki access points. The only guide to this I found was this

Hence had few questions on this.

1) Is the MR33 passpoint certified to support HS2.0?

2) The guide says that the configuration is hidden for simplicity, how would I access this configuration?

3) Which meraki device could also be used as the radius authenticator for this? This server would also have to host a webpage from which the client could download the certificate suited for his/her mobile phone/tab. Also does it support all device i.e android, iphone, windows?


Thanks & if there is a better guide out there do post the link.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Hotspot 2.0 on MR33

1) Yes

2) Call support and they can enable it for you

3) The AP's are all authenticators. What I think you're asking here though is what can be the Authentication Server, and the answer to that is whatever you want it to be. But there isn't a Meraki Product for this component. You will need to source your own Authentication server that supports HS2.0.



Head in the Cloud

Re: Hotspot 2.0 on MR33


This feature is currently in a service provider-only closed beta.


So that sounds like it probably won't be happening for you unless you are a Service Provider

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