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Guest wireless tokens / user creation?

Comes here often

Guest wireless tokens / user creation?

Good afternoon. I am not sure if I am missing something obvious, as I can't see why this wouldn't be possible.


I can only see an option to create users to authenticate to the AP's, but using their email addresses? Also, it's one at a time?


Our previous solution allowed the creation on multiple guest tokens with generated passwords, so you could literally hand them out and give the receptionist the job of generating guest tokens for example.


I'm being forced to evaluate Aerohive products, and they handle this easily too.


So can I do this or similar with Meraki? Basically allow day passes or week passes for example, and delegate the creation of these tokens?


Thanks, Alan

Kind of a big deal

Re: Guest wireless tokens / user creation?

That sounds like a hard and old fashioned way of doing things.


Why not let guests self register?  You could either have them auto-approve, or have the system give them access for 10 minutes, and send them a link to prove they are who they said they were.


Or use a "sponsored guest".  When they sign up the person who they are visiting gets an email to approve their access.  They just simply click on the link in the email to do the approval.

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Re: Guest wireless tokens / user creation?

Hi Alan

Have you gone through the following url.

This shall assist you to create Vouchers.

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