Guest Portal access for Hotel

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Guest Portal access for Hotel



I need recoomendaitons for providing guest access to our hotel guests.Require a self-service registration (email gathering) portal with ability to set a time limit on connection. Alos limit usage. Can anyone suggest which AP can do this or do we nee do other applicaiton?





Kind of a big deal

I would say the MR33 is the most popular for guest WiFi.


You could also consider the "in-room" MR30H.


Meraki does have a self registration system.


But personally, especially because you are interested in using the data collected, I would go with a commercial provider called Splash Access.

Personally, we use

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In reality, collecting data about WiFi users is a nuisance. It has to be looked after, protected from leaks, GDPR compliance, etc. Really, what are the benefits?


Attempts to harvest email addresses makes users uncomfortable. Hotels have the contact details of guests already. If there is a data breach, the hotel/motel will come out of it with a diminished reputation. Consider using a splash page, with appropriate disclaimers and setting up policies to stop access to inappropriate sites such as peer-to-peer, and deliberately recording as little as possible about users. 

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