Getting "out of range" error


Getting "out of range" error

Occasionally, I experience an "out of range" error when I try to connect a chromebook to the wifi in our network.  I ensured I have the correct SSID and password, and attempt the connection multiple times.  After a random number of tries, it eventually connects successfully.  Other devices are connected to the same access points under the same SSID and are working fine at the time this happens.


I ensured we have ample IP addresses available in the pool on our DHCP.


Is there something I should be looking for on the Meraki Dashboard or on the device?  I'm stumped.


It happens to random devices at random times in random places (or access points) within our system with no known pattern.


If the "out of range" error would be more specific to what is out of range of what, that would be much more helpful.

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Do you have a minimum bit rate set high on your SSID under access control?

I found the minimum bit rate and set it down one notch (from 5.5 to 2) and we are now testing to see if that works.  Thanks for the advice.

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