[For Meraki] Increase PING Feature Packet Size (from Client Page)

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[For Meraki] Increase PING Feature Packet Size (from Client Page)

Hi Meraki,


The PING feature on the Meraki Access Point is a handy tool (alongside all the other great features).


With the signal strength, PING success and latency this should give you sound view of connectivity. But the only live element in that is the PING success and latency, as the signal strength has a lag.


Would it be possible to expand the PING feature to allow say a Default/0.5/1/2.5 Megabyte packet size? All the response needs to say on testing is how long it took for the whole PING to complete or if it failed.

E.g. 0.5 Megabyte PING Test took 1.2 seconds or (if under one second) 900ms to complete.


Thank you,

Peter James

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