Firmware upgrades - Sometimes Auto? Per device?

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Firmware upgrades - Sometimes Auto? Per device?


I have access to a few organizations and networks, all with different MXs, Switches, APs and Cellular gateways.  I am a little confused by the management of firmware.  The consistency of auto firmware upgrade seem to be random. 

(1) From my analysis some devices seem to auto upgrade, where some do not.  This is despite some devices being on the old version for 1+ years.  I have read community posts that specify that the auto update doesn't run until the update has been out for quite a time. 

   (a) Is there a defined period when that the update will run, 1month, 1 quarter, 6months, 1 year? (I am not asking about day and time, as defined in the upgrade window).

   (b)  Is there a reason why an auto upgrade doesn't happen if the upgrade window is set the same?

(2) We have a risk adverse client.  If there is a single large site with say 12 switches, 50 APs etc, is there a way of scheduling an upgrade to a smaller portion of those devices first (day 1) and then the remaining the following evening/week?

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Regarding #2, it's all or nothing by device type within a network. For example, you must upgrade all access points.


You can choose to stagger them to cause minimal interruption, or concurrent upgrades in order to get it done faster.

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