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Export MAC Address List

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Export MAC Address List

Is there a way how to export the Mac Address that were loaded in the client page?



mac address.jpg

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Re: Export MAC Address List

I think you'll only be able to see them once they have been attached and generated some traffic. 

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Re: Export MAC Address List

Yes Sir.  That was also my hypothesis. 

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Re: Export MAC Address List

Hi @Karlo_nico23 


@MichelRueger suggested the following Idea.



MAC Address.PNG


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Re: Export MAC Address List

Hi Karlo,


Yes and No, 

If your Meraki Network is not to big or you know the Serial Number of the Meraki Device (Switch, AP, MX) you can youse for example Postman and the

API {{baseUrl}}/devices/{{serial}}/clients?timespan=86400

 This will show you all clients connected on this device for the last Mount. 


There is a other way. If you have the Clients attached to spezial Policy Group you can select the "all clients with a policy group " view and then export the list to a XLS File. You will see all clients even if there where not connected more than a mounts.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-22 um 09.22.40.png


Hope this will help you.


Regards Michel Rueger

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Re: Export MAC Address List

usually the mac address is not part of the columns, so all you need to add this by clicking on the +

It will ask you to select columns, put a tick next to mac address, then it will appear in your columns.

then click on Download as, and choose the format you ormac export.PNG XML

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