Employee tracking via Meraki

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Employee tracking via Meraki

Is there a way to track employees within a facility using Meraki?  This question is being raised due to COVID-10 and the ability to see where an infected employee may have traveled within the building.

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Try looking at location analytics in the Meraki Dashboard. 


Can you track Bluetooth through the location analytics as well?  Looking to track badges with bluetooth chips

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The framework to do this is available, but you're going to need to build something that can ingest the location data and present it in a meaningful way. 


Meraki has the Scanning API to export location data (both wifi and bluetooth) from the dashboard:




But that just sends a data stream to the collector of your choice. One you have that data you will need to do something with it. The raw JSON formatted location data provided isn't much use to most humans in that format. 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't have a fully formed answer for you.


One client of mine is requiring staff to carry a WiFi device on them at all times.  This is typically a mobile phone.  For some staff, they have bought a cheap mobile phone just to attach to the WiFi (has no SIM card, can't make calls, use TXTs, access mobile, data - just for WiFi tracking).

Several mobile devices use mac anonymization, so you might have to turn this off - or give those staff the cheap phone as well.

They are keeping a register of all staff and their mobile MAC address.


I have other clients you have worked with Splash Access as they have also developed some kind of contact tracing system.  They don't seem to have much on their web site about it, so you might need to contact them if you think this is something you might be interested in.


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