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Disappearing Public SSID

New here

Disappearing Public SSID

Hi all,


Anyone have any tips as what to look for in regards to our public unencrypted open SSID has disappeared the last 2 days. I had spaces in the SSID for a couple years so yesterday I decided to remove the spaces and the SSID showed up in the list of Wireless Networks. Today no go. My private encrypted SSID has been there. 


I just disabled a 3rd encrypted SSID as a test and now the unencrypted open SSID is displaying in the list of wireless networks. Go figure.



Thanks for any help.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Disappearing Public SSID

Have you tried giving the AP a reboot?
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Re: Disappearing Public SSID

If a reboot doesn't do the trick, what firmware are you running? Some firmware revisions had an issue like the one you are describing.

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