Disable WLAN radios

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Disable WLAN radios

Hello all,


I'm having an interesting request, were I need to disable the radios on an AP. I see no way around doing this.

I cannot cut PoE, since an injector is used.

I cannot disable the SSIDs since this AP belongs to a network assigned to a template.


I can only find two workarounds

  • move the AP to a new network with disabled SSIDs
  • shut switch port and disable meshing capabilities on the network.


Though I feel there should be an option of disabling both radios on an AP basis.

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If you go into wireless/radio settings you can manually select the power for each radio or turn them off.

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You think you can, but this is available only for 2.4GHz. Not possible to turn off 5. (At least on MR33s)

Ah, I had only tried with 2.4 and not 5.  SSID availability is another way to keep an AP from broadcasting the SSID using tags.  However it doesn't turn off the radio.  I've never tried it in a template scenario so I don't know if it's part of the local override options.

Kind of a big deal

IP controlled powerpoint?


I have used IP controlled PDUs before as well in racks.



I do quite like the PDUs.  They allow you to turn individual devices off an on.  Some support schedules (so you can power cycle something at a regular time, or power things off out of hours).  Some of the more expensive ones also include monitoring so you can see the amount of power each device is consuming.



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That would be an option. But we are talking about a current deployment.


Another workaround I found was using tags on APs along with scheduled availability on the SSID, but still.. not as convenient as a "Disable AP" option.


Time for the wish button I guess.

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