Different Policy by SSID not working

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Different Policy by SSID not working

hello everyone, I am trying to prevent users from having their iphones / androids on the corporate wifi by using the Different Policy by SSID feature... however it does not seem to be working.


I had a test device blocked from joining a certain SSID and had the user test it.. but it joined right away no problems.


Is there something else I need to configure or is there a better way to accomplish this? 

Kind of a big deal

I just tested It and worked as expected, I'm able to connect on SSID but I can't access anything.

Kind of a big deal

My personal experience is having different policies by device type is not very reliable.


It works by sniffing the device's network traffic and looking at things like DHCP requests, HTTP requests, etc.


Sometimes it might identify a device quickly, other times it might take 10 minutes (it has to wait till it has seen enough traffic to make a determination).  The "special" policy can't take effect till device identification is done.

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