Deploying Access Points

Kind of a big deal

Deploying Access Points

Hi All,


Just curious about access point deployment. Do you prefer deploying access points in the hallways or in every few rooms in a building? I have never deployed an enterprise network, just curious!




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It depends on the size of the deployment.  If you have 2,000 sq feet, it's different than if you have 200,000 sq feet.  Building materials and layout will determine placement and number of APs you need.  


If you have larger spaces, you should do a wireless site survey.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



If the rooms are large I would put them in there.  If there are lots of small rooms hanging off a long hallway, and the coverage from the hallway is good into the rooms I would put them in the hallway.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks for the insights!

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Kind of a big deal

You'll see with most 1:1 deployments in schools that AP's are put into every room as it's a very high density deployment. I even work for some districts that have gone with AP's in every classroom AND in the hallways as they are going for density & coverage so students can work anywhere in the building without a problem. 


As others have said, this all depends on the environment and what you're trying to achieve with the deployment. 

Kind of a big deal

If you post a floorplan we could probably provide some of our opinions.  

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Agreed, this is definitely an "it depends" type of answer.  There are so many variables.  Client device types and capabilities with regards to spatial streams and channel width for example, client density, the primary applications that will be in use, if you will require any voice and/or location tracking services, the room sizes, building construction, neighboring networks/companies, etc, etc.  These will all be inputs into your AP placement, density, channel plan, etc.


If it's a typical mix of users, on a typical mix of client devices, running the typical mix of apps with typical EMIX characteristics, we can certainly provide some rules of thumb like an AP per room or 2500 square feet per AP along with how to best do your cell sizing, etc.  


If it's a reasonably-sized enterprise deployment the answer is almost always do a formal site survey, especially if it's your first time doing an enterprise deployment, because it's also an excellent learning process.  For more info on that see my reply in this thread


Hope that helps!


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