DHCP DNS Change in Firmware ?

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DHCP DNS Change in Firmware ?

last Sunday we updated our AP´s from 26.6 to 27.6. Since then we see different Names in DNS for the AP´s.

Usualy we have seen the configured Hostname of the AP´s (AP-Location-floor-number.domainname).


But since Sunday we see AP-Location-floor-number.MACADRESSOFAP.domainname. 


Great Idea to use the Mac if you do not use a manually configured Hostname. But if you configure a Hostname, that you can´t find in DNS, that's more than ugly. 


Packet Capture on our DHCP Server shows that the DHCP Request Packet contains the Hostname with MAC Address in Option Field 12. So it seems an issue of the DHCP Request. 


can anybody else confirm this ?  How did you workaround this ? 




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