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Custom Splash Page


My customer is looking to design an appealing splash page for Guest access. They are currently using default template of Splash Page on the dashboard which is pretty basic. I have seen other options like Excap or SplashAccess but want to explore what you can achieve with the PHP custom script on the dashboard. Can you please share some images of the Splash Pages you have been able to design with custom script on the dashboard?




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Thanks for your reply. I cannot access this though. Can you please see if you have enabled access for others to view ?

Yep, It's a ZIP file, you have to download It.

Thanks a lot  - this is really helpfyul. Do you think it can be turned into anything fancier than this ?

Like have any marketing info running in the background etc ?


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My customer is interested in hosting a splash page (on the meraki Dashboard) that presents the text in the local regional language that the user is in. Is that possible through the custom script?

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