Clients cannot connect

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Clients cannot connect



I have a lot of MR18 ap´s running MR 25.9 all connected via PoE injectors.

I believe after upgrading to version MR25.9 some times the AP stops accepting client connections on all configured SSID. That is "802.1X with Meraki RADIUS " and "WPA2-PSK".


There is nothing logged in the AP log, but as soon as I restart the AP clients automaticly connects again.

It happens approx. every 2-3 weeks - but not on the same locations and not all locations.


Anybody seen this?





Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I have not seen exactly that issue with MR18s on MR 25.9, but it's worth opening a support ticket so they can scrub your configuration and firmware against known issues.  Since this is sporadic and it's post-upgrade to 25.9, you/they might consider 24.12 as a temporary test, and could do that on a limited scale if needed, just pin a subset of APs in specific locations to an alternate firmware if that might help isolate/troubleshoot.

I´ll open a support ticket. Thanks.


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