Client disconnect and connect between AP

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Client disconnect and connect between AP

Client disconnect and connect between AP

e.g.   1. AP at floor 1

        2. AP at floor 3

Client device at floor 2 , Client device disconnect and connect between AP floor 1 ,AP floor 2

Try change transmit power which doesn't seem to work as well ,How can I configure this device to work with my scenario?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It is the client that makes the decision to connect or disconnect.


It may be that you need more access points to increase your coverage.  It may be that you need to update your WiFi drivers.

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Some questions because i've dealt with something like this before with AP roaming but it was related to a swirtch stack which might not be the case here. 

If it is a switch stack, are the AP's connected to different switches or the same? 


FWIW - The decision to switch AP's is both client and AP side normally. To my knowledge Meraki currently doesn't allow a manual configuration to set a signal threshold on when a AP drops s client due to signal, the amount is unknown to me. On the flip side - you can sometime configure that information on the client. 


The general solution right now is add another AP or potentially reduce the transmit power of one AP and play around with it are my suggestions. 

As earlier said; The roaming choice is decided on the client device itself which mainly is based on beacon frames and probe requests. Refer to the following document which outlines this in more detail and recommendations to weak these settings on a client device -decision

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