Cisco Prime vs Dashboard Heatmaps

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Cisco Prime vs Dashboard Heatmaps

Hi all,


I have not tested any Meraki maps or floorplans yet, but have fairly extensive experience in Cisco Prime.

I am wondering if anyone else has done both, and could offer me reasons for having Prime with a Meraki deployment or whether the MDB can do most/all that Prime can do.

I think the reporting may be slightly limited in MDB compared to Prime, and also not expecting the level of alerting that Prime offers from MDB.


Other than that I am just guessing.


Many thanks


Kind of a big deal Here is a more info on what you are looking for. I do use heat maps to see where most usage is and it's worked well for me but haven't used Cisco Prime.

Head in the Cloud

I have got Meraki Dashboard and Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Meraki Dashboard is easier to use. But it supports only Meraki devices.

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