Cisco Meraki - Access Point offline repeat notifications


Cisco Meraki - Access Point offline repeat notifications

We recently moved to Cisco Meraki Access Points at work .
In the Meraki portal we have setup to receive an email notification for when the Access Points lost connection to Meraki Cloud / Go Offline and we receive a notification when it re establish a connection to the Meraki Cloud / Go Online .

> We only receive one notification for Offline
> We only receive one notification for Online

Is there a way in Meraki Cloud portal to set it to send repeat notifications (Every hour etc. ) until we manually disable further notifications for that device ?
*eg. If its a faulty device or expected outage

I have done some Google searches but don't seem to find that functionality mentioned ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I am not aware the the dashboard has this much flexibility. This is typically done with an on-prem NMS (CheckMK/PRTG/NAGIOS/whatever) that polls the devices and reports appropriate.

Kind of a big deal

There are some cloud syslog servers that could do this too.  I use and then you can set alerts quite easily and define how often to get alerts, disable specific alerts, etc.



Getting noticed

Maybe try your way with PRTG syslogging? 

Getting noticed


as mention above, that correct only have one notification if device disconnected to cloud. For further network monitoring we also add additional monitoring using cacti combine with ping template or with snmp template




i hope this help


Thank you

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