Cisco 2504 Wireless Lan Controller

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Cisco 2504 Wireless Lan Controller


I have a Cisco 2504 WLC on our network and Cisco has an advisory out for this particular controller. Cisco Wireless LAN Controller HTTP Parsing Engine Denial of Service Vulnerability. My question is, how do I go about applying the fix to this controller? We are currently on version 8.4 for the software. Any help is appreciated. I do have a Cisco TAC support account but completely lost on how to resolve this issue.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You'll need to ask this on the Cisco Enterprise community. 


Just a quick warning; when upgrading to newer software, especially if you are doing a big jump, check the AP compatibility matrix that your APs are still supported (unless they are relatively new models).


You should be fine if you stick within the 8.4.x train that you are currently using.


I've seen people upgrade te 2504's several times with old AP models only to find their APs don't work anymore because they are no longer supported.


To get you going in roughly the right direction, download the software from:

I recommend you use a "gold star" release if you can.


And then follow this software upgrade guide. 

Kind of a big deal

Hi @marvelsferb7 ,


Just to follow up on the great advice from @PhilipDAth , cross reference the AP models with the version of WLC firmware you may go to:


The last version you can go to is 8.5 anyway so not a massive jump.  Email with your request. Include your cco account details and product serial number.


im sure you’re aware but you’ve got a couple more years left in the 2504 before it’s eol

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