Chromebook post Spash page logon problem

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Chromebook post Spash page logon problem

I'd appreciate some suggestions related to the problem below.


When using a Chromebook before the initial operating system login, I'm trying to join a wireless network.

The network is configured with a splash page with AD authentication. The credentials page shows, and I can successfully enter user id and password. After submitting the login I receive a site can not be reached message. null's dns address could not be found.

An nslookup of resolves and returns a


The work around has been to then reboot the chromebook and login again and we usually have network access.


Thank you


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It looks like a Chromebook issue, but I suggest you open a support case.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It sounds like it is having trouble performing a DNS lookup or accessing


When the user logs in - are they pushed into a new VLAN?  If so, perhaps the Chrome book cannot release and renew its IP address for the new VLAN (which is why the reboot solves it).


Is there a firewall that could be blocking the traffic?

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