Best design for extended surface covered with MRs powered with multiple MG21

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Best design for extended surface covered with MRs powered with multiple MG21

Hi All,


I got the following request and I don't really know what could be the most appropriate answer :

- I got a large surface to cover regarding wifi (indoor and outdoor), will be done using MR52/MR56 indoor and MR84/MR86 outdoor

- i will have several internet access using LTE with the new MG21 (no Fiber and/or no DSL)

- several MS120-8FP will be use for 2-3 MRs and if possible a Fiber link between several MS


Now my concern is how we interconnect all of this :

- one MG21 -> MS120 -> multiple MRs

- another module of the same (one MG21 -> MS120 -> multiple MRs)

- again another module of the same (one MG21 -> MS120 -> multiple MRs)


Meraki Wireless Mesh will provides :

- internet access using another module if MG21 failed

- roaming between module 


Is it something possible ?

Or another way to do it ?


Another design is if I got one Fiber access only, may I use the module above without MG21 and Wireless Mesh will do the link to access Internet ?


Thanks in advance.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you need to support roaming from one end of the facility to the other?

Hi Philip,


We are in the range of 100s devices and yes roaming need to be supported when you move from one module (MG+MS+MRs) to another one to keep the current stream live with no cut !


You will need one layer 2 domain then.


You'll want a core switch (you might need to create a stack to get enough fibre ports or maybe look at an MS410-16), and to run fibres from that to the other smaller switches.


I'd plug in either an MX84 (suitable for 200 users) or an MX100 (suitable for 500 users) into the core switch, and then plug in a pair of MG21's and load balance across them.

Hi Philip,


That should work when I can interconnect each module using Fiber, in my case it's a huge place with no possibility to have Fiber link everywhere to interconnect everyone.

It's why I am thinking to use this module concept (MG+MS+MRs) at different location and globally I will have a full wifi coverage done by multiple modules doing roaming all together !

Does it make sense ?

I understanding, but you won't have seamless roaming between modules.


To have any kind of roaming that works at all you will only be able to use NAT mode with Meraki DHCP.  Then you'll be able to kinda move between modules, but any connection you have open (such as a download, video or audio streaming) will be lost but the users will be able to just restart those connections and continue on.


Also you wont have any of the content filtering capabilities that the MX offers.



Ok for this scenario.


How could I have seamless roaming with no cut on existing sessions with the following ? 

- internet access is done using MG21, could have multiple MG21 for bandwidth and high avaiblity 

- one single SSID compose with MRs linked using MS120 and others using Wireless Mesh


But I suppose in this case the Wireless Mesh network cannot itself use multiple MG21 only one will be valid ?

The other way as you explain is to use MX to load balance link ? Correct ?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

How many connections do you think you'll need to support?  10's, 100's, 1000's, 10,000s?

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