Anyone experiencing equipment reboots ?

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Anyone experiencing equipment reboots ?

Hi all,

We are experiencing weird Shutdowns on basically all the equipment but more often on AP's.

The antennas just reboot on its own , pretty much all of them at the same time. 

Same behaviour but less often on 3 MS2225  switches and just 3 times on MX84 Firewall.


All this started close after last Firmware upgrade yesterday.

Support says that is is related to a  Cisco Meraki backend problem and the issue is now on the engineering team ,they are working on it.

Can anyone confirm that this firmware is stable:

MX 12.24

MS 9.30

MR 24.12



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Correct, they are the current stable releases.  I haven't had anyone reporting issues with those.


If the units are not running the firmware that has been selected for the network the devices will keep trying to download the upgrade (and then rebooting).  Occasionally you get a device that fails its upgrade and gets stuck in this cycle.  This is not so likely across so many devices though.

Alas the dashboard does not report the actual firmware version that devices are running, but what they are meant to be running.  You can always ask support to confirm the actual software versions running on your devices.

Hi Philip,

That would make sense but the thing is we get the reboot every 2 hours, sometimes more (4 hours) , sometimes less ( 1,30h), and sometimes just in a few AP's but not all.


The reboot you mentioned would be much more that what you experienced ?

I'll check with the support anyway, thanks!! 


what you mean by "the firmware that has been selected for the network"? 

Where exatly do you select this ?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Organization/Firmware Upgrades

Getting noticed

@MAG Those are the correct stable firmware versions at this time. 


On the firmware upgrades page, select the wrench and you can add additional columns that are helpful for our ORG, maybe yours too.  


We are running the current stable MR and MS versions, however we are running MX 14.15.  We have not experienced any of the issues your mentioned to date.  


Perhaps roll back to latest stable? 



HI Ryan,

Seems that the issue solved by itself....quite a mistery.

I just mentioned the support the idea that Phiilip mentioned earlier: an AP that is rebooting  due to a bad Firmware upgrade. The answer was that just ONE AP was having that problem and they fixed the Firmare version. ...and After that none of the other AP show any reboot. 

Anyway the support team agreed that those reboots were related in a way with that firmware upgrade but  also that there was still an issue on Cisco Meraki's backend that were not solved yet.

No further technical explanation so far.

I'll let you know any update  in case i got more details.

Thanks you all. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A silly question but you dont have any wierd schedules on the ports powering the devices do you?

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