Adaptive Policy Query on Wifi

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Adaptive Policy Query on Wifi


We have a Corporate SSID that temporarily has to be a PSK.

Sadly, non Corporate devices are connecting to this and I'd like a solution to stop this.


We are using MX85/MS355 and MS250's. No Radius server.


I can see adaptive policy and I've not enabled it on the network yet but could this work for me?

I'd like to block iphones/android devices but allow Windows for example.




Kind of a big deal

I think the simplest way to do this is to enable "Assign group policies by device type" in the SSID settings.

You can then assign android and iphone devices to be blocked while allowing other device types access.

Here to help

Adaptive Policy ONLY Works if you have all MS390 Switches..  and the Advanced Licensing (not enterprise) on the switches...  here is the overview Adaptive Policy Overview - Cisco Meraki

Your AP's also need advanced licensing if you want to apply SGT's to wireless sessions.

So basically for full coverage you need:
-MS390's in the access layer
-MS390's or Cisco Catalyst switches in the distribution and core layer
-Advanced licensing on MS390's, MR's
-Network advantage licensed catalyst switches
-Advanced security license on MX

This is not a cheap solution and would only recommended if you fully commit with an ISE installation and perhaps some other solutions for security that can steer ISE sessions if needed.

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