[ASK] mac filter with PSK

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[ASK] mac filter with PSK


I want to know, is it possible to filter specified mac-address can join ssid with PSK Authentication?

In the dash board only MAC-based access control (no encryption) with radius.


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I mean, we assign mac-address list manually on the dashboard not using radius


Unfortunately, the only way is using a Radius server.

Kind of a big deal

The best way is to do it with a radius-server. There you can define which MAC-addresses are allowed and also pass the correct passphrase for encryption to the AP. This is done with "iPSK with RADIUS".

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What about white-listing mac-address on client menu per ssid? As image attached:


 is there any trick to make it happen?

I think it is not what you want. When you put the client in an allow list it will apply the following settings to a client:



It is not a trick, it just won't do what you were asking for as the PC could still join the SSID.

If the workflow is ok for you it can be implemented this way:

  • Default policy is to block everything (or perhaps allow DHCP)
  • the client connects to the SSID
  • the client gets whitelisted on the dashboard by applying the right policy
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So every client still can associate with the ssid, since the firewall rule is deny all. Only the white-listed client could use the ssid for communication. Is that right? 

In other words, white-listing is a way to bypass any firewall/policy rule, isnt it?



Kind of a big deal
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