A single client cannot connect to 802.1x SSID

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A single client cannot connect to 802.1x SSID

...so clearly it's an issue with this guy's laptop and not the Meraki Wi-Fi. Other users can connect to this 802.1x SSID with their laptops. This guy can also successfully join the SSID with his iPhone, so it's not a user credentials issue. We have 3 Meraki APs in the office and he can't connect to any of them. I have not yet done a packet capture. The SSID config on the client is "managed by your org's administrator" so there's only so much I can do on the client itself. It's a Windows 10 Pro machine, fully patched. We have a guest SSID (PSK) and he can connect to that fine. Connectivity tests from Meraki dashboard to RADIUS server with my own credentials pass (I don't know his creds to test with).


A client history entry in the dashboard says this below. Wondering if the user's old password is still somehow cached and trying to send that upon connecting...

Failed connection to SSID <<>> on AP <<>> during authentication because the auth server rejected the auth request.

Then I saw this thread below and its solution, but I'm not able to 'Forget' the SSID and get the laptop to re-prompt for creds when I join it, probably because of the "managed by your org's admin". Other suggestions?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

99% of the time it is the NIC driver.  Do not rely on the manufacturers supplied tool to update the WiFi NIC driver.  Go to their web site and search for the latest driver there.  If they don't have a driver dated 2020 or newer go the manufacturer of the WiFi chipset and get a newer driver from them.

Here to help

The user may have some wlan policies in this location.




If they are managed by admin a gpupdate should re issue these.

You could delete these and then retry connecting.  Compare them to a working laptop.


Is a local cert installed on the laptop? 

What does the nps policy on radius use to allow the user to connect? gpo membership? 


Event viewer may provide some guidance if driver related.


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