802.1X iOS client issue

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802.1X iOS client issue

We are running 802.1X with custom RADIUS for our corporate WiFi, no problems with our laptops and anyone with an Android phone.  However, anyone with an iPhone or iPad has to re-login every day.  I have followed the steps I've been able to find online (which aren't much) suck as make sure the APs have a static IP.  I would really like to be able to not have to have a WPA2-PSK network just for iOS devices.  Is there anyone that had this issue that was able to come up with a decent solution to it?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

>APs have a static IP


There is no requirement for this.


I've never had an issue with iOS devices using WPA2-Enterprise mode.

What are you using for the backend RADIUS server(s)?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look at to keep this from happening?

I even use Ubiquti USG as radius server and its working fine. 

Getting noticed

Hey @smccloud1 I don't believe this is a Meraki bug, and I would look into issues with your RADIUS server.


1. I would take a look at your RADIUS server and see what authentication type you are using. Most likely it's a mismatch on the EAP method being used. There are two EAP methods, inner and outer, and the iOS devices don't always use the same methods as other devices.


2. There are several Meraki settings that could impact you. 802.11r, 11w, and several RADIUS settings that are hidden. Give Meraki tech support a call and have a packet capture of your 802.1X authentication ready for them.

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