Começou!!! - Meraki Capture the Flag @ Cisco Live US

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Começou!!! - Meraki Capture the Flag @ Cisco Live US

Pessoal, o jogo está liberado. Façam o teste e me busquem offline se precisarem!! Texto original abaixo!!
Pessoal, vou postar o texto em ingles pois faz parte de uma iniciativa do Cisco Live US. Se tiverem alguma duvida me avisem.
Meraki agora faz parte do Cisco Capture the Flag. Uma "gameficação" dos conhecidos labs. Não percam a oportunidade de conhecer.
um abraço. 
Capture the Flag!



As a part of Cisco Live US auxiliary programs, we invite you to learn new technologies and obtain hands-on experience in a gamified way by joining us with Capture the Flag (CTF)


Get ready to roll up your sleeves for interesting one-of-a-kind challenges in the form of missions, based on use-cases, technologies and solutions around different architectures. Top performers will be tracked and recognized on the platform’s leaderboard, which gives you bragging rights that you can share on your social networks! 


There will be 3 independent, parallel CTF games running from July 06 - to July 10, 2020. 

  • - Enterprise Networking (EN) CTF
  • - Meraki CTF
  • - Data Center (DC) CTF


What can the participants expect: 


EN CTF - contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting with Cisco DNA Assurance & Automation, SD-Access, SD-WAN, DNA Spaces, ISE, Programmability, etc.


Meraki CTF -  contains missions around using Cisco Meraki Dashboard, implementing & interpreting - Wifi6, Security & Routing, SD-WAN configurations, leveraging API resources, etc.


DC CTF - contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting multi-cloud networking environments using DC Technologies - start with ACI Anywhere to understand how to create an automated network with consistent policies on-premises or even in the cloud. Then, learn how to evolve Day 2 Operations from reactive to proactive using Cisco Network Assurance and Insights Suite.


EN and DC CTFs are offered exclusively to Cisco Connection Program Members ( Similarly, Meraki CTFs are offered exclusively to Meraki Community Members ( 


After that, you can pre-register on the CTF portals corresponding to your interest.

- EN CTF -

- Meraki CTF -

- DC CTF -


Remember to save the dates July 06 - to July 10* on your calendar! You can spend from some minutes to several hours playing CTF; we have enough content to keep you engrossed. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to spend as much time as you would like. Leave anytime, then come back later to continue from where you left.


Are you ready for it?



*Dates to Remember

UTC - July 06 - 0000 to July 10 - 2539

EDT - July 05 - 2000 to July 10 - 1959

PDT - July 05 - 1700 to July 10 - 1659



Leonardo Sambrana

CSE | Cisco Meraki

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Otimo, obrigado pelo convite. Estou ansioso para capturar uma bandeira!  Bora Meraki!

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