replacing core switches

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replacing core switches

We currently have a pair of Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-S switches as our "Core" switch.

We want to replace them with equivalent Meraki switches.

What is a suitable replacement?

Kind of a big deal

I guess it‘s mostly dependent on what kind of features you’re using on your 3750. As core, you‘ll possibly use Layer 3 routing. In this case, MS350 / MS355 would be suitable.


Given that 3750 are rather „old school“, you‘ll mostly not be running into performance issues with nowadays Meraki switches like those mentioned above.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Unless you are performing advanced dynamic routing, a MS250 or greater will be enough.


We actually replaced some 3850s at one site with MS210s, from a performance point of view at that site they were just as good.  We ran the DHCP from the MXs at the site.

Kind of a big deal

Are you using:

  • Policy-based routing
  • Any dynamic routing protocols, and if so which ones
  • Any layer 3 routing at all (or are they only used as layer 2 switches)
Kind of a big deal

You might also want to take into account that Meraki requieres internet connectivity.

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