What PoE+ switch to use for MR42 Access points


What PoE+ switch to use for MR42 Access points



I have bought MR42 APs, and it turns out they need bigger power than my HP PoE switch can offer. So i am thinking of procuring Cisco SG350-28MP for them as they are PoE+. But i would also like to know what does Meraki Switches offer in their PoE capability, are they cheaper than the SG350 or not.


I want to deploy my APs for Guest internet usage for my customers and i do not want them connecting to my corporate Internet/Network for security reasons and easy of management and perhaps Meraki Switches makes a point if i can monitor this network from the cloud.


Please advice on what is cheaper yet effective.

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Meraki switches give you 370W or 740W depending on the model. PoE/PoE+ supported again depending on the model.


On the prices, If I'd have to make a educated guess I'd say SG350 or SMB lineup is cheaper. At least in EMEAR they are in promotions all the time.

However the lack of dashboard control with SG350 is imo not worth the likely cheaper price. 


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The cheapest comparable Meraki Switch will be the MS120-24P. This will have the PoE+ capability and the dashboard as well. Assuming you're using copper for uplink, you don't really need to use the SFP ports. They both spec for the same PPS and Gbps rating.


If it is just to support guest Wireless and nothing else, this should do the trick.




Hopefully, this will help you.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The SG350 is probably going to be cheaper if you only consider the capital cost.  The Meraki MS120 may well be cheaper if you consider the ongoing operational cost, such as keeping the firmware updated, monitoring, off-device configuration backups, etc, ...


All current Meraki PoE switches can deliver 30W of PoE.  However note that their is a maximum PoE budget, and some switches can not deliver 30W of PoE on every port at the same time.

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