Using 4G router(RJ45) on MS425

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Using 4G router(RJ45) on MS425

Hi Guys,
I want to move my routing from a cisco 3750 to my MS425 to get rid of the Cisco switch.
I don't have physical access and need to work remotely.
I have planned to create an L3 Uplink under my transit VLAN, assign a physical port to uplink, and ask someone on site to change the cable from 3750 to ms425 new uplink port.
On paper, if I get everything right, it should come up after the cable change, but I want to have plan B and use a Netgear 4g router in case the MS switch loses connection to the network.
The 4G router is rj45.
Which interface could I use, and do I need any config on that int?

Sorry if my question seems basic.


Kind of a big deal

You can use any physical interface.




If you just want to get started without reading more in-depth information, follow these basic steps:

  1. Unpack and mount your switch (desktop or rack mount) and power it on.
  2. Plug any one of the Ethernet or fiber ports into an upstream device on your LAN. The uplink port should have access to a DHCP server and it will also need to be able to communicate with the internet.  
  3. After powering on, your switch will download the latest software. While upgrading, the switch's power LED will flash green/white. Once the switch has checked into the dashboard, the LED will turn green/white. Note: A solid orange light indicates that the device has not checked in with the dashboard yet.
  4. Log in to (For any devices that are used in mainland China, please visit and create a new network. If you do not yet have a dashboard account, choose "Create an Account") Type in the serial number of your switch (found on the back of the unit) or simply enter your order number. This will create a new switch network.
  5. Make your desired configuration changes under the Switch > Configure section of the dashboard.

For additional switch installation information, please refer to the MS Installation Guides article.

Here to help

Hi Alemabrahano,

Thanks for your reply.
My switch is already operational as an L2 switch and connected to my 3750. I am using this 3750 for routing and reaching the internet via DC.
I need to retire the 3750, and as soon as I change the port from 3750 to MS425, I will lose the connection to the internet.
Now, if I configure everything correctly, I should be getting connected back if bypass the 3750 and go direct to my WAN router(career already is ready for my route change)
In this scenario, do I get an internet connection if I connect any LAN port to my Netgear 4G router, which has access to DHCP?
Do I need any config change on the LAN port I want to use to connect my MS to the Netgear 4G(RJ45)?

Kind of a big deal

Configure the MS425 uplink management interface to use DHCP.


If it goes wrong, then you can plug it into the 4G router, power cycle the MS425 switch, and it'll get a DHCP IP address from the 4G router and get you back in.

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