Unable to access Meraki Dashboard


Unable to access Meraki Dashboard

Hi Team,


Unable to access Meraki Dashboard, its not working. 

Getting noticed

Same here.  They took down my entire network too.  Been on hold for over 15 mins now and this real annoying person keeps breaking in and telling me they'll be right with me.  SUPER ANNOYING

All devices on your network that were pre-defined should continue to work as configured.

Your devices as mine have, simply lost connectivity to the Meraki cloud.

If you can RDP into your network and test you should have that your devices are up. 
We have 40 remote sites full meraki stack with MX,MS and MRs all are up and providing services.

All of my sites are up as well. 


It appears that Meraki is reporting them as down because they not connecting to the dashboard but they appear be up and functioning.

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Incorrect.  I have a flood of messages from PRTG to prove that EVERYTHING went down, starting with the firewall.  They are down.  Not good.

Head in the Cloud

I'd be surprised if you're having a Complete Network Down scenario.
It seems it's the cloud connection that has been lost, and all Meraki devices are designed to be able to continue switching - even in the case of lost cloud connectivity, after devices have been claimed, configured, and deployed.

Are your clients experiencing a network down aswell? Are they not able to access company network ressources/internet, @Spack?

100% sure it is down.  This is the first of many messages, this is a switch deep inside my network.  Tech support blamed it on a global internet outage.  I laughed and asked if that was also why their support page is down.

This is a PRTG notification that a switch deep inside my network is down.


then about a min later I got 5 more devices down and then a few mins later, I got an email with about 30 devices listed.


A new ticket has been assigned to your group "Incident Team". Please follow the link below to view the ticket.

[PRTG Network Monitor (BATCOUNTRY)] (DF03-MS210-48NP-01) Ping (Ping) Down ended (now: Up) (Downtime: 9 m 46 s) (OK)



Sensor Ping (Ping) *****

 Local Probe  >  Switches > (DF03-MS210-48NP-01) () 
New Status at 8/30/2020 3:17:12 AM (US Mountain Standard Time):
Down ended (now: Up)    (Downtime: 9 m 46 s)
Last Message:
Last Scan:Last Up:Last Down:Uptime:Downtime:Coverage:Sensor Type:Interval:
28 s11 m 23 s28 s99.9610%0.0390%99%Ping30 s
Getting noticed

ok it might be a global outage.



I just got a tech on the phone and they confirmed that there is outage for the Dashboard.


Devices should continue to function but you wouldn't be able to make any configuration changes until it's resolved. 


No ETA on a resolution yet

Comes here often

My equipment is on the east coast.


Connectivity of my devices to the Meraki Dashboard keeps going out.


Where are you others located?

Our remotes are in the northern section of the South Eastern United States.

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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Meraki Team, we faced huge impact due to this.. 


As we were in middle of implementation of our Meraki Devices by taking downtime and after completing half part of upgradation project, we lost all device connectivity and unable to troubleshot properly and downtime was not utilized properly. this is worst experience at the beginning. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Anaspatil it looks like a Century link outage from @Spack 's post.  I'm surprised they don't have carrier resilience, but then it might be affecting more than one provider if it is a BGP issue?

Getting noticed

DownDetector shows all kinda hell breaking loose out there.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Maybe time for someone to come up with an improvement to BGP...

Head in the Cloud

Hello everyone,


Thank you for bringing this up.


I can confirm this is part of a wider internet outage and isn't Meraki specific.


You can see additional information on the outage here and here


Edit: Just to confirm, I do work for Meraki but it will take a few days for my account to be verified.

Before we start the blaim game, let's wait and hear what actually happened..
If it is anything like the downtime from thursday in Europe, it' wasn't actually Meraki's fault, but a BGP peering issue from BT.
That was a fun hour..
New here

All gadgets on your system that were pre-characterized should keep on functioning as arranged.

Your gadgets as mine have, just lost network to the Meraki cloud.

On the off chance that you can RDP into your system and test you ought to have that your gadgets are up.

We have 40 far off destinations full meraki stack with MX,MS and MRs all are up and offering types of assistance.


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