SNMP successfully polling only every 30sec

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SNMP successfully polling only every 30sec

hi all,

i‘m working on a topic which drives me crazy 😞

if anybody would have told me in advance that‘s so damn hard to implement a local polling SNMP solution i probably would‘nt believed it!


i‘d like to use a 3rd party SNMP grapher which should discover every second the bandwidth utilization of a MS 10G interface… for a reason which i don‘t understand the tool shows only every 30sec the performance of the interface?!


maybe someone can help me understand why this is happening?

Kind of a big deal

Hi , 


Have you tried to manually test the SNMP MIB with a different tool ( let's say snmpwalk  on a windows machine and try to poll it every seconds ). If that doesn't work ( or you only get a value updated every x seconds , I would suggest to open a case with Meraki )

Kind of a big deal

As mentioned I would say its likely the software you are using not the endpoint, there are many pieces of software on the market that allow you to monitor traffic flow.


This article might help you.
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