Route trafic from one switch to multiple switch isolating devices

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Route trafic from one switch to multiple switch isolating devices

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I have this bellow diagram and I want to connect a bunch of devices into one meraki switch and that switch is connected to other 4 meraki switches. What I want to do is to assign for example PC1 connected to port 1 to get IP address from Lab1 Switch and PC2 connecte to port 2 to get IP address from LAB2 Switch. ( Note Lab1 and LAB2 switch do not communicate one with each other). Is there any sollution with this question?diagram.PNG

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, use VLANs.  Put PC1 and switch 1 in the same VLAN, use a different VLAN for PC2 and switch 2 etc.  If you need to route between the networks, on the central switch create an interface into each VLAN that wants to talk.

Kind of a big deal

Don’t know if this is your homework or an actual business requirement but the answer lies in the diagram.


By assigning the required access VLANs to the ports you’re connecting your PCs to they’ll pick up their IP from the corresponding DHCP scope. 

so port 1 configured with vlan 1 will pick up an IP address from LAB1.



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