Port isolation creative use

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Port isolation creative use

OK, so we are setting up a new WAN connection, we are in stages to exchange the old legacy infrastructure to Meraki MS210's


The thing is that for a period of time we need to trunk all Vlans from the legacy infrastructure over to one MS210, and this is OK. But before going live we need to establish and verify that the link between the new and old infrastructure is OK and connected on the correct ports. We do not have access to all sites as there are several and we rely on IMAC techs to install and patch the equpment.


The problem is that if we open up the port to the new infrastructure it will announce the new gateway as well to the old and traffic will be impacted. Off course we can disable the port and run a cable test to ensure that patching is done, but I wonder if we somehow could leave the port active but use port isolation and prevent announcing of a new gateway yet still get information from the discovery protocol on serial and mac of the connected old infrastructure.

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Kind of a big deal

Fun Fact: I believe only the first 24 ports in any switch will provide Port Isolation feature.
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

@NolanHerring  that is correct, really not an issue though for this deployment.

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