New stable firmware for switches: 9.30

Kind of a big deal

New stable firmware for switches: 9.30

I see that firmware version 9.30 has been declared a new stable release for the switches.

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And looks like 9.31 is out already. That's a pretty quick turnaround, even for beta. I do wish the firmware upgrade page would show release dates.

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It is probably a reflection of some of the serious bugs that existed in the prior stable software release.

If you go under 'Organization->Firmware Updates' and then click on the software release for your particular device, you should see the appropriate release notes.

[root@allevil ~]$

Notes, yes. Dates, no.
BHC Resorts IT Department
Kind of a big deal

You can see release dates for the stable builds. Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.19.17 AM.png

Meraki Employee

Hi Team, just an FYI since it's relevant to this thread, that MS 9.32 has just been promoted today to the latest stable.  Another quick turnaround for the MS releases, in this case it was mostly to address dnsmasq buffer overflow vulnerabilities CVE 2017-14491 to 2017-14496.  Check out the release notes for more info.

Yay!!!!  I'm doing a big switch deployment for the next 48 hours, and it is great to sneak this in during the deployment rather than arranging an upgrade afterwards.

Cool, great timing then, good luck!

Thanks for the update. I'm upgrading this weekend. Anyone installed this update yet? any feedback?

Kind of a big deal

9.32 is now released as new "stable" firmware (no longer in beta).


I have only had one one bug with 9.32.  When using the policy of blocking DHCP servers by default (so that you have to white list allowed DHCP servers), and you have a VLAN that the Meraki switches have no layer 3 interface in, and you have another non Meraki device acting as a DHCP relay for that VLAN into another VLAN that does have a L3 Meraki interface in - you can not whitelist the non-Meraki DHCP relay MAC address (when you click save it fails to save just that one MAC address), and the switches incorrectly block DHCP in that VLAN.


A pretty rare case, so I doubt that others will run into it.

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