New name, same great feature - MS and MR SecurePort

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New name, same great feature - MS and MR SecurePort

We would like to inform you that the MS and MR SecureConnect feature, which enables the secure automation of MS switch ports configuration connected to MR access points, is now SecurePort.  This name change will simply allow us to clarify the feature functionality. 


New name, same great feature 


The functionality of the feature remains unchanged on the dashboard.  However, please note that this name change will impact the following API end-point, where customers will need to modify the key ‘secureConnect’ to ‘securePort’ on their API calls:






Check out this new feature announcement post and learn more. 


Kind of a big deal

@Minyi : Awesome 

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Since SecureConnect, now SecurePort, automatically detects Meraki AP, and allows it to obtain a certificate, and do 802.1x on the port. Out of curiosity, are we going to see the same behaviour in the future when connecting Meraki switches to each other? Are there talks about bringing this feature to switch uplink ports?


As far as I recall, Catalyst 1000 switches already do something similar.

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Hi @rbnielsen, thanks for your feedback.  It’s our mission to make networking operations scalable and intuitive. We are always looking to grow, so please keep following along! 😊

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Will the MS120 switches support this?

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Hi @burnz, SecurePort is currently not supported on MS120. Please see the documentation page for more information. 

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Will it be supported there in the future?

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