New MS 14.33.1 release - fixes adaptive policy ordering issue

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

New MS 14.33.1 release - fixes adaptive policy ordering issue

Switch firmware versions MS 14.33.1 changelog


  • MS390 upgrades to this version will experience a full system reload

Branch additions

  • Syslog support for MS390 series switches
  • SNMP support for MS390s
  • RADIUS accounting support for MS390s
  • Alternate Management Interface support for MS210/MS225/MS250/MS350/MS355/MS410/MS425/MS450 series switches
  • QoS support for MS390s
  • CoA support for MS390s
  • STP anomaly detection events for non-MS390 series switches
  • Adaptive policy support for MS390 series switches
  • SecureConnect support for MS210/MS225/MS250/MS350/MS355/MS410/MS425/MS450 series switches
  • NAC enhancements for MS120/125/210/225/250/350/355/425/450 series switches
  • Critical/failed auth VLAN support for MS120/125/210/225/250/350/355/425/450 series switches

Bug fixes

  • Adaptive Policies rules can be incorrectly ordered resulting in traffic being blocked when it should not be

Known issues

  • Stacks with a large number of LACP bundles (10+) may fail to initialize stack ports properly requiring additional reboots to regain connectivity
  • MA-SFP-1GB-TX modules may fail to be detected after link loss (always present)
  • Port modules may show incorrect information due to incorrectly reading CDP information
  • Stack members may go offline after a stacking cable is reconnected requiring a power cycle (present since MS 12)
  • MS120 in rare instances will not be able to perform packet captures until rebooted (predates MS 12.28)
  • MS210/250 series switches may fail to relearn client MACs on ports that have access policies configured (present since MS 12)
  • Links being established on an MS120 can result in neighboring ports to flap (present since MS 11)
  • In very rare instances, MS120 series switches will reboot every 10 min (present since MS 12)
  • Enabling Combined Power on MS350/355 switches results in events being logged once per minute (present since MS 11)
  • Stack members are not being marked to update their configuration when changes are made on other members
  • mGig switches will have an amber light for all physical ports that do not negotiate to the highest supported speed. Dashboard will continue showing a light green status for all ports above 100Mbps. Example, MS355 switch ports will incorrectly show an amber light for 1G, 2.5G, and 5G, but will show a green light for 10G.
  • Cable test tool returns wrong pairs for 100Mbps connections (predates MS 12)
  • Broadcast types of traffic can leak into the Guest VLAN if a port that fails authentication has a Voice VLAN configured, and dashboard has a Guest VLAN defined (present since MS 11)
  • MS120s switch ports with MAB authentication may randomly deauthenticate clients. In order to resume client authentication on that port, a switch reboot is required (present since MS 12)
  • MS350-24X and MS355 series switches do not negotiate UPoE over LLDP correctly (predates MS 10)
  • Ports with an odd-numbered MTU value fail to initialize for MS120/125 series switches (predates MS 11)
  • When an SFP module is inserted/removed on MS420/425 series switches, BPDUs can be delayed leading to STP transitions in the network (predates MS 12)


  • MS390 switches may experience a full system restart (present since MS 14.29)
  • MS390 management plane can restart which may show as brief loss of connectivity in dashboard (present since MS 12.28)
  • MS390 stack members may experience a full system restart (present since MS 14.29)
  • When the management plane restarts on MS390s, LACP flapping can be encountered
  • MS390s do not respond to broadcast DHCP Offers for their management IP addresses (present since MS 14.32)
  • MS390 stacks may send frequent DHCP requests despite having a valid static IP
  • In rare instances, the MS390 management plane will fail to restart requiring a manual reboot (present since MS 14.26)
  • Packet loss is observed when pinging the MS390 management IP
  • MS390 - Port Up/Down Events Shown Across All Members
  • MS390 stack management plane may experience recurrent loss of dashboard connectivity (present since MS 14)
  • MS390 series switches do not support SM sentry
  • MS390 series switches do not support loop detection
  • MS390 series switches do not support warm spare/VRRP
  • In rare instances, MS390 management plane will disconnect from dashboard until rebooted
  • MS390s fail to fragment large EAP-TLS packets (present since MS 14.33 and resolved in MS 15)
Getting noticed

Hi, We have just upgraded  to this version and the SFP was no longer detected. Does the list of known issue relate to this new version of 14.33.1 or is it the known issues of the previous version?


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