Native VLAN mismatch?

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Native VLAN mismatch?

I have inherited a network that currently has a HP Procurve switch as our core that we are replacing with a Meraki MS425-32. The remote sites connecting to the HP Procurve are all Meraki MS switches (220, 225, 320, 350's). I'm doing some cutover planning, and have found what I think is the data vlans are going across trunk links to remote sites untagged and I would like to confirm this is the case based on the info below. In addition it looks like the trunks all have a native vlan mismatch.


Output  from show vlan ports <interface number> detail (names and vlan tags changed for privacy)

VLAN ID Name | Status Voice Jumbo Mode
------- -------------------- + ---------- ----- ----- --------
3 Sales DATA |     Port-based No No Untagged
30 Sales VOICE | Port-based Yes No Tagged


The port on the Meraki at the other end of this link is set to Trunk, native vlan 1, allowed vlans 1,3, 30

All end device ports on the switch are set to access, vlan 1, voice vlan 30


Everything does work and clients can communicate to the internet and also to devices in other subnets with similar setup eg. vlan 2 HR DATA, HR VOICE 20, etc


 I just want to confirm that the untagged setting for vlan 3 data across the trunk is the same thing as configuring the native vlan in Cisco and Meraki world, and mismatching these numbers is considered a native vlan mismatch in Cisco Meraki terms. (The dashboard doesn't create a native vlan mismatch warning for the switches configured this way between the HP and Meraki switches, as it would for a native vlan mismatch between 2 Meraki switches).


Based on answers, I will have some more follow on questions, so thanks in advance 🙂

Here to help

Based on my historical work with HP switches the untagged vlan is the same thing as the "native" vlan in cisco speak 

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