Meraki switch aggregation issues with Cisco C4500X

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Meraki switch aggregation issues with Cisco C4500X



Has anyone had issues with aggregation between Meraki switch stack and a Cisco C4500X stack?


If one of the Meraki switches in a stack reboots the remaining port in the aggregation drops and instead of negotiating the aggregation again with the Cisco it falls back to standalone. When the other Meraki switch comes back online the Cisco switch then error disables the ports due to LACP issues.


To get the aggregation back the ports on the Cisco switch have to be shutdown and no shutdown to get the aggregation back up.





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would configure recovery with something like:

errdisable recovery cause all


It's probably easier just to disable the errdissable on LACP.  I don't think you will progress this.

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