Meraki MS - management VLAN

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Meraki MS - management VLAN

Hi, I have a question on setting the management VLAN on the MS series switches.  Imagine that the switch uplink is connected to a trunk port on another switch with the following config (U-101, T-10,20,30,50,999)

- Native (untagged) VLAN-ID 101 (this is a parking lot / blackhole empty VLAN)

- Tagged VLANs 10,20,30,40,999

- Note that management should be tagged in-band management on VLAN 999


What's the difference between setting the VLAN-ID to 999 in the front-page switch settings on the dashboard, and leaving the management VLAN under switch settings as VLAN1?  The way I understand this, the management VLAN under switch settings is to set the management VLAN network wide - for all switches - and setting the VLAN under LAN IP would over-ride this by exception.  Did I understand this correctly? 


Kind of a big deal

Your understanding is correct.

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