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We bought Meraki MS225-48FP, MS225-25P and MX84 to replace our HP switches. We wanted to separate the cameras and domain computers from the network using VLAN.


Domain computers IP Address (VLAN10):

CCTV IP Address (VLAN20):


I went to Switch > Rounting & DHCP then complete the following fields:


Interface IP:

Vlan: 10

Default Gateway:

DHCP Addressing: Enabled ( - pointed to our Firewall where our DHCP server is residing. I've changed Port #1 to Vlan10 and the computer is getting unidentified network. Is my configuration correct? Please help.


Thank you.



Kind of a big deal

I would configure all the VLANs and subnets on the MX, and then just use the MS225 at layer 2. There's no reason to go into Switch > Rounting & DHCP at all. 


Configure just the ports on the switch to be access in whatever VLAN they need to be for the clients, and configure a trunk to go to the MX. Also configure a trunk on the MX port that connects to the switch.

Thanks for your inputs jdsilva. 


The MX will be use for something else. We wanted to use MS as distribution switch and create the VLANs. How do i do that? I'm new on meraki actually. Hope you can guide me. Thanks in advance.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does your firewall have a route for vlan10 back via your new switch?

Thanks PhilipDAth for your comment.


No, actually I have not touched the firewall. Do you have idea on how to route VLANs on Sophos UTM? I'm not familiar with Sophos system. 


Thank you very much.

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